by Linda Dawn Hammond

The original Series (since expanded) consists of 12 self-portraits inspired by actual ads, placed in the personal columns of newspapers. Each photograph matches an ad as an "ultimate" response, though more often the result is closer to my own than what the writer of the ad would wish or require. These are self-portraits and as such, permit me the illusion of becoming anyone's "ideal", whereas in fact, by nature of the disguise and deception, I answer to no one. There is a message of hope, as the series suggests that only the constraints of our imagination restrict us in terms of who we may become in this life. On a darker side, it explores the prescribed limitations set by others, who seek to limit and mold their intended into a creature of their own making. The images explore sexuality, gender roles, fetishism and the "desperation to connect" as a Human condition. Humour keeps it all in perspective. The original photographs are made from large format (4 by 5 inch) negatives; the "photo corners" / ads are Canon Laser copies. They were presented in gold and velour frames, accompanied with 11 Fetish boxes, (dim. 8" by 10"), which contained objects,various textures and excepts of text by Gilles Deleuze from his book, Coldness and Cruelty. 12 B&W photographs, (dim. 11" by14"),11 Fetish boxes, (dim. 8" by 10"), including... 1. Hermaphrodite Welcome , 2. Biblical Wife , 3. Planet of Her Own Making , 4. Gothic Romance , 5. Heavyset Teddybear Seeks , 6. New Woman , 7. Meatless Meal , 8. Artist or Businessman, 9. Genius With a Big Dick, 10. 4His Slaves, 11. Kitten With Claws, 12. Big Where It Counts.
An additional photograph, 13. Female Touch , was added to the Artefect exhibit in 1991, in protest of Canada Council funding for Artists being diverted to finance the Gulf war effort. Since that time, additional photographs were created as part of the ongoing series, which have yet to be displayed.

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1. Hermaphrodite Welcome/ PERSONAL NEEDS Series 2. Biblical Wife / PERSONAL NEEDS Series

3. Planet of Her Own Making/ PERSONAL NEEDS Series

4. Gothic Romance/ PERSONAL NEEDS Series

5. Heavyset Teddybear Seeks/ PERSONAL NEEDS Series

6. New Woman/ PERSONAL NEEDS Series

7. Meatless Meal/ PERSONAL NEEDS Series

8. Artist or Businessman/ PERSONAL NEEDS Series

9. Genius With a Big Dick/ PERSONAL NEEDS Series

10. 4His Slaves/ PERSONAL NEEDS Series 11. Kitten With Claws / PERSONAL NEEDS Series

12. Big Where It Counts/ PERSONAL NEEDS Series

13. Female Touch/ PERSONAL NEEDS Series

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*PERSONAL NEEDSl©Linda Dawn Hammond, 1990/2006. The images posted on this site are of lower resolution than the originals.

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