Linda Dawn Hammond

Selected Reviews

TVA Nouvelles Première publication (Montreal), EN IMAGES Defile de la fierte gaie: soleil, chaleur et foule! 16 aout, 2015,

The Link (Montreal), The 9th edition of Montreal Pride came to a close Sunday, with the Pride parade attracting tens of thousands of spectators downtown despite a heat warning in effect for the city. by Matt D’amours, August 17, 2015. NOTE: NDP leader Tom Mulcair called out, "Go SEXGARAGE!" towards our group in the Parade. I was riding in a vehicle as Fierte's Guest of Honour with other 1990 Sexgaragers!"

Nightlife.ca (Montreal), Sex Garage: le "Stonewall montrealais" qui a mobilise la communaute LGBT il y a 25 ans de Ariane B.,14 aout, 2015,

Daily VICE (Montreal), Modern Slavery, Domestic Spying, Sex Garage Interview, August 14, 2015

VICE du Jour (Montreal), Sex Garage, chaos a Kos et resistance au Yemen 13 aout, 2015,

Fugues (Montreal), Cafe des Arts - Les artistes de André-Constantin Passiour, 13 aout, 2015,

Fugues (Montreal), FIERTE MONTRÉAL — LEVEE DU DRAPEAU Ne pas oublier les gais discriminés dans le monde! de André-Constantin Passiour, 13 aout, 2015,

Daily XTRA (Montreal), Montreal’s historic Sex Garage raid in photos. Photographer Linda Dawn Hammond captured the infamous police raid and love-in By LINDA DAWN HAMMOND August 13, 2015,

CBC News and Daybreak Radio Interview (Montreal), Montreal Sex Garage LGBT party raid, 25 years later Interview with Mike Finnerty, August 12, 2015, Review, Photos

Daily XTRA (Montreal), Witness captures violent police raid at Montreal’s Sex Garage Photojournalist Linda Dawn Hammond documents historic 1990 event of ‘Montreal’s Stonewall’ by RICHARD BURNETT August 11, 2015,

Daily XTRA (Montreal), Sex Garage raid: 25th anniversary of Montreal’s watershed moment How an infamous police raid in 1990 irrevocably changed Quebec’s gay politics by RICHARD BURNETT August 6, 2015,

Fugues (Montreal), EXPO PHOTOS — FIERTÉ MONTRÉAL Linda Dawn Hammond se souvient de Sex Garage de André-Constantin Passiour, 02 aout , 2015,

Tourism Montreal (Montreal), MONTRÉAL PRIDE PAINTS THE TOWN PINK’ by RICHARD BURNETT July 23, 2015,

Ricochet Media (Montreal), Sex Garage 25 years later: a turning point in the fight for gay rights by Taylor C. Noakes July 21, 2015, Review, Photos

La Presse (Montreal), UN POINT TOURNANT POUR LA COMMUNAUTE LGBT July 16, 2015, Review, Photos

Concordia University News (Montreal), A Spark in Pride movement. Alumna photographer to be recognized for vital role in Sexgarage incident by Guenevere Neufeld, July 15, 2015, Review, Photos

Montreal Gazette (Montreal), Sex Garage Raid a Turning Point in Montreal's LGBT Activism by Richard Burnett, June 27, 2015, Review, Photos

Fugues (Montreal), IL Y A 25 ANS... Se souvenir de Sex Garage de Yves Lafontaine , André-Constantin Passiour, 16 juin, 2015,

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The Birmingham Post (Birmingham, UK), "A Pioneering Exhibition" Author: Terry Grimley August 18, 2005, Review

The Link (Montreal), She's in love With The Rockn'Roll World April 5, 2005, Review, Photo

Voir (Montreal), Punks & Provocateurs April, 2005, Review, Photo

Mirror (Montreal), Vegan Homophobic Attack, August 17-24, 2000, "Arts Week", p.38 Review, Photo

Mirror (Montreal), Oka and Sexgarage Remembered, July 13-20, 2000, Arts Week, p.34. Review, Photo

Matrix (Montreal), Schattenspiel, Issue #53,1999. Review, interview, portfolio of 8 digital illustrations

L'Expresse (Toronto), Autogenèse Jan.12-18, 1999

Toronto Star (Toronto) , Bodies of Work, Sun.Jan.10, 1999, G p.10

CBC Evening News (Toronto),"Entertainment"- Interview, aired Jan.11, 1999

City TV Evening News (Toronto),"Entertainment"- Interview, aired Jan.6, 1999

Now (Toronto), Photographers Distort Haunting Bodies of Art, Author: Deirdre Hanna, JAN.4-13, 1999, p.86

Toronto Star (Toronto) , Photography in Threes, Thurs.Jan.7, 1999, G p.10

fab (Toronto) , David Scott- Focusing on Photographic Art, No.103, Jan.7-20, 1999, p.12-13

MEDIAMATIC (HOLLAND), Kroker Spasm Author: Geert Lovink 1999 Vol. 7#3/4 End of Advertising Issue

Matrix (Montreal), Photographs of Dawson City, Issue #52, 1998 p.4-5

Toronto Star (Toronto) , Multi-artist Sex Show covers all the bases, Author: Christopher Hume, Thurs.May 8, 1997, H p.10

Review of SPASM Author:Steven Pinter, Division of Social Science, York University

CTheory: Theory,Technology And Culture, A Ride Through Bi-Modern America, Author: John Noto, Volume 18, No.3, Review 37, 95/09/01

CV photo (Montreal), La part des choses, Author: Robert Legendre, Autumn, 1994, p.8-17

Parallélogramme (Toronto), Theory That Makes You Spasm, Author: Ki Namasté, Vol 20, #3, 1994, p.56-63

HOUR (Montreal), Cyber-spasm, Author: Jenny Burman, Sept.2-8, 1993, p.18

HOUR (Montreal), Needs Wanted, Linda Dawn Hammond realizes personal ads, Author: Owen Egan, Feb.18-24, 1993, p.16

Spasm (New World Perspectives), Severed Heads: Fetish Freaks and Body Outlaws in the Age of Recombinant Photography Author: Arthur Kroker,1993, p.125-142

CBC Evening News (Montreal), "City Beat"- Direct Body Copy Art demonstration, aired 1993

Montreal Mirror (Montreal), Reader's Poll/ Best Local Artist-#2, Linda Dawn Hammond, 1993

Photo Life (Toronto), Portfolio:The Weird, Wild World of Linda Dawn Hammond, Author: Henry Gordillo

Vol 17, No.4, 1992 , p.8-13

Parachute (Montreal), Contre Nature Author: Anne Whitelaw, April-June 1992, Issue 66, p.41

Photo Life (Toronto), Mois de La Photo, Dec.,1991, p.8

Voir (Montreal), Contre Nature- Garde du Corps, Author: Mona Hakim, 28 Nov. au 4 Dec., 1991, p.20

CBC Evening News, (Montreal), "City Beat", Interview- Personal Needs, "4 by 5" demonstration, Aired Nov./ Dec. 1991

CBC Radio Canada, (Montreal), "Studio Libre", Talk show interview w. host Michel Gagné- Personal Needs, "4 by

5 "demonstration, Taped Sept.2,1991

Montréal Campus (Montreal), Visions Mondiale, Author: Benoit Belleville, Sept.11,1991, p.22

WorkSeen (Toronto), Linda Dawn Hammond: Physical Addictions and Personal Needs, Author: John MacBride, Number 8, Spring, 1991, p.24-27

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L'Art Au Féminin Catalogue, Jacob, 1994, p.13

Le Mois de La Photo Catalogue , Appel à La Jeune Photographe, Author: Louise Abbott, Sept.,1991, p.6-15

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Galerie Articule Catalogue, Art in Jeopardy,Sept.,1988


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