MARTIAL ©Linda Dawn Hammond 1991


NATHALIE ©Linda Dawn Hammond 1992



PIERRE ©Linda Dawn Hammond 1992


CHARLIE ©Linda Dawn Hammond 1990


The THREE PART BODYSERIES © began as an attempt to document a very eclectic group of friends in Montreal, but soon developed into an exploration of fetishism and the designation of the body as the medium through which identity is proclaimed. It is the third in a series exploring Love and relationships- in which one returns to the Self, only to be disassembled.

To delve deep within the psyche and proclaim one's truth in the face of adversity is a demonstration of courage and integrity.

The series was produced in Montreal between 1988 -1994. It consists of 42 triptychs. A list of reviews concerning the piece can be found in the CV under the heading, Selected Reviews.

To more images from the series and recent Toronto exhibit...


Three Part Bodyseries is dedicated in memory of Martial, Josephine, Marlisa, Count Pixie and Charles.


Contact artist: dawnone

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